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Synthetic will be a very lengthy project since it’s going to be a double album, and it’s a secondary project anyway. The idea is to make music with only one particular synthesizer per piece, and all pieces with different synths. So the completed tracks will be somewhat like demonstrations of the synths used.
However, the whole point is not to make only demos, but to make music. That’s why I will use any kind of signal processing and effecting I feel is necessary to achieve the desired musical result. But this still demonstrates what can be done with any given synth. Modern synths have their effects built in, so it's only fair to use external effects with the synths of the 70's for example.

Synthetic will include two main categories (albums), "Analogue" and "Digital". At the moment only few tracks are finished:

  • Cosmo Synth (Casio CZ-3000)
  • Linear Ambience (Roland D-50, made with V-Synth XT)
  • Virus (Access Virus b)

  • Synthetic Ensemble (Yamaha SK-20)
  • Voltage Controlled (Akai VX-90)
  • Delta Dawn (Korg Delta)

If you’re interested in those synths you can listen to the tracks HERE.

Check out these videos also:




  1. Really great music! Where can I get your albums?

  2. Yes. Where can I get these? I can't get enough of your material.

  3. The third works as a charm ... I would also like to know where to get that awesome stuff.